2014 Agenda


Thursday, June 5, 2014

10:00 Welcome and Introductions
10:30 Opening Keynote: David Kessler with Question & Answer
Noon  Lunch
1:15  Breakout Sessions

    • Changing the state of health
      This session will explore case studies from three organizations that have successfully implemented initiatives in school nutrition programs, safety net clinics and child care settings.  Participants will use the case studies to discuss the challenges and opportunities of designing and implementing state-level interventions that support healthy eating and active living.
    • Making a difference in your community
      This interactive breakout session will explore the challenges and opportunities of creating community-level policy changes that support healthy eating and active living.
    • Getting down to business
      Hear from experts working to increase access to healthy foods in Kansas stores, as well as the market challenges that make this work difficult. Join this facilitated conversation to learn how we can partner with business to promote healthy eating.

2:15  Break
2:45  Rebecca Costa with Question and Answer
4:00  Break
4:15  Breakout Session

    • The Supermemes of Kansas
      This participatory breakout session will generate and explore supermemes influencing Kansas. According to Costa, “a supermeme is any belief, thought, or behavior that becomes so pervasive, so stubbornly embedded, that it contaminates or suppresses all other beliefs and behaviors in a society.”
    • Deconstructing and reorganizing our thought processes
      The Watchman’s Rattle asks us to change the way we think so we can make more progress on the things that matter most. This session will help participants identify the gridlock in their own situations and the beliefs that may be holding them back.
    • Building better brains
      This breakout will explore what Costa calls “brain fitness” – ways to develop the capacities to utilize not just left brain and right brain thinking, but also insight. How do you help groups tap into their insight? How do you help others with “brain fitness?” This breakout session will explore those questions and more.

Friday, June 6, 2014

7:30 Connecting with Kansas Health Foundation/Kansas Leadership Center/Kansas Health Institute and breakfast
8:30  Keynote Speaker: Regina Holliday with Question and Answer
10:00 Break
10:15 Breakout Sessions

    • Who owns patient data?
      Health Information Exchange (HIE) allows doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care providers to access and share a patient’s vital medical information electronically. But, who owns the data? Join leading experts to discuss data quality, privacy and security issues surrounding HIE.
    • Nearing the end
      End-of-life health care decisions are complex. This breakout session will address end-of-life issues by exploring health ethics and the roles of health care professionals and policymakers.
    • Going viral
      Spend more time with plenary speaker Regina Holliday as she shares ideas on how to best use social media to improve health and health care.

11:30 Lunch
12:30 Closing Keynote: Ken Segall with Question and Answer
1:45  Closing Remarks
2:00 Book Signing

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